About Us

We are from different churches, yet connected by one purpose: growig in the imageof Jesus Christ with a passion to serve Him. Having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ gives us a new identity and a new value as a woman. He is a source of our freedom and joy. Thanks to Him we can grow personally in any circumstance, even the most difficult ones. 
We desire for brave, wise, and hard-working women to discover this greatest treasure, this most precious pearl, which is Jesus Christ. Remembering Jeusus' words, "By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another" (john 13:35), and while working together, we want to built unity and love among Polish Christian communnities abroad. 
      As Polish Women's Conference we want for our work to continue beyond our annual meeting. During the year we desire to organize training and workshops for women as well as evangelization meetings.
     We work under the umbrella of the Christian organization MissionPoland. The coordinators of the conference are volunteers from different Christian churches. It is very important to us that a variety of churches are involved in the organization of our events.
      Our Internet Page and Facebook page Polska Konferencja Kobiet are a source of information not only about the conference itself, but also about other Polish Christian events. Their purpose is to build a common ground for all the churches and evangelical organizations in the USA and Canada.


"Beauty Out of Brokenness"
was a workshop organized by Polish Women's Conference, which occured on November 7, 2015 at Church of Our Saviour in Norridge. The speaker was Dr. Jayanthi Benjamin who is the Assistant Professor of Counseling Psychology at Moody Bible Institute and who specializes in spiritual formation and discipleship.
"Go Out into the Deep"
was a workshop that took place on Sept. 15, 2015 in Church of Our Saviour in Norridge. The invited speaker was Michele Schwaninger, a leader who has much experience in evangelical work with Campus Crusade for Christ, and who is serving as a faculty liaison for spiritual formation at Moody Theological Seminary. Through mutual conversations and sharing of testimonies, the attending woman had a chance to learn different methods of preaching the gospel as well as encouraged each other to break barriers in reaching out to new people.
Conference 2015

Esther Shin-Chuan


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​Beauty Out of Brokeness

Go Out into the Deep

Conference 2014

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Marriage workshop